Fight Wrinkles With Anti-Aging Foods

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is a Dermatologist with more than 25 years experience treating patients with all forms of skin disorders in New York. Dr. Jaeger recommends that eating nutritional or more natural and organic foods is an excellent method for the prevention or fighting of wrinkles.

Fight Wrinkles with These Anti-AgiFight Wrinkles Anti-Aging Food Listng Foods


It is well known that certain foods may help acne, but studies have also shown a nutritional diet may help reduce wrinkles and aging. Skin is reliant on good nutrition and essential minerals. By adding a couple foods to your daily diet you may see an improvement in wrinkles or dark spots, as well as delay in skin aging.

Tomatoes: Lycopene (Skin Protection)

Sunscreen is the number one rule of skin care, especially because the sun can cause wrinkles, but did you know that tomatoes can also help protect your skin from the sun? Tomatoes have lycopene, which shield your skin from UV damage and even improves your vascular system. They are also packed with vitamin C and build collagen, which makes your skin look firmer and plumper.


Berries: Antioxidants, Flavonoids (Healthy Skin Cell  Growth)

If you are looking for a glow to make your skin look younger, eat more berries! Berries are a skin super-food. They are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids and probiotics. Berries are a huge component in fighting free radicals and promoting cell regeneration. They can give your skin an overall healthier look.

Green Tea: Antioxidants (Healthy Skin Cell  Growth)

Green tea is also an antioxidant go-to. Green tea can help keep your skin looking young. The tea contains a chemical called EGCG, which helps cells grow properly. Many drink green tea daily because it has so many health benefits, beyond healthy skin. Try swapping your morning coffee for a green tea.

Yougurt & Probiotics: Inflammation Reducer

If your skin has redness or irritation, experts recommend eating more foods with probiotics. Studies have shown that probiotics reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. A common food with probiotics is yogurt. Natural, unprocessed products contain the highest concentration of living probiotics. If you like yogurt, but want even more probiotics to fight redness and irritation, try kefir. Kefir is a cultured milk product with a thinner consistency than yogurt.

Papaya Fight Wrinkles Anti-Aging

Avocados: Glutathione (Natural, Anti-Aging, Cancer Fighters)

Avocados are not only tasty, but high in glutathione, which is exceptionally anti-aging. They are also high in “good fats.” This will help prevent acne and overall improve your skin.

Drop a few years by adding these foods to your diet. Everyone’s skin is unique and certain foods may help some more than others, but these tips are worth a try.

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