Dr. Lawrence Jaeger


Dr. Lawrence Jaeger

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is well-known personality in the field of education and medicine. As an instructor and doctor, his knowledge and skills are invaluable in medical teaching and training. Over the course of the years, he has accumulated valuable experiences which he now shares to his students as an Instructor of Dermatology at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Apart from being employed as instructor at Columbia University, Dr. Larry Jaeger is also a Clinical Professor of Dermatology as well as Director of Dermatologic Surgery. Furthermore, he is in charge of training the residents at St. Barnabas Hospital which is the largest hospital offering teaching courses in New York City.

Before Dr. Lawrence Jaeger reached his status in the previously mentioned universities, he first pursued his studies and graduated with honors at Rutgers University, New Jersey’s state university. After which, Dr. Larry Jaeger then went to Missouri and there attended a medical school. Soon, he decided to come back to New York so that he can complete his internship in surgery and medicine.

After 4 year specialty training in Dermatology, Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is able to complete his studies at St. Barnabas Hospital. St. Barnabas Hospital is an affiliate of Cornell Medical Center/New York Hospital where he was appointed as Chief Resident. Dr. Larry Jaeger practiced in the field of dermatology and is an expert when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of different skin conditions.

He is a board certified practitioner in Dermatology and is working as the Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates. The Advanced Dermatology Associates is medical practice known for being stae of the art and with multiple locations in Bronx and Manhattan.

He is privately practicing full-time on Central Park South in Manhattan with the specialization of cosmetic dermatology as well as dermatologic surgery. His practice put emphasis on cosmetic and surgical rejuvenation.

As a practicing doctor and professor, Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is a medical practitioner with special care to his patients. What he wants is to help them treat their skin, nail and hair conditions so that they can enjoy a healthier self. For that, his patients’ can all rest assured they are given maximum care and treatment all to their benefits under the care of Dr. Jaeger.

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is currently privately practicing exclusively on Central Park South. Being an expert in dermatology and dermatological surgery, Dr. Larry Jaeger is skilled in treating all hair, nail and skin disorders which also includes all skin growths.

Moreover, Dr. Larry Jaeger works as the medical director of Advanced Dermatology in New York, PC. As medical director, his practice specializes in Cosmetic, Medical and Surgical Dermatology areas. Dr. Larry Jaeger is also a member of a group of board certified medical experts and dermatologists.

He and his group are experts in the line of diagnosing and treating all types of skin, nail and hair problems. All of them are professionals in the practice of cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatology areas. Furthermore, all members of his group accept Insurance plans, PPOs, HMOs, Medicate and Medicaid.

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