Dr. Larry Jaeger Unveils MotherNature MD

As the Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates (ADA), dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Jaeger has launched a new line of healthcare products to combat the many similar fraudulent lines sold on the internet. MotherNature MD is designed to help those suffering from common dermatological ailments and represents the culmination of Dr. Jaeger’s many years in the field.

Many of the creams and ointments claiming to cure acne, hair loss and erectile dysfunction that are sold online are unscientifically proven. Dr. Larry Jaeger cites that a majority of these products are gimmicks designed only to make money off the masses – a feat which he says they have accomplished since “more than 2 million people have fallen victim to these scams.”

Dr. Jaeger set out to offer an alternative to these placebo products with MotherNature MD, where every product is based on proven studies. Since $2.75 million is spent annually on products like these, he believes people should be seeing much better results. The amount of people still suffering everyday from common ailments is not acceptable from his point of view and he has declared that it needs to stop.

His hair regain formula is particularly necessary, as millions of men experience hair loss every year but it can be helped with vitamin therapy. His formula addresses the underlying problem by supplementing essential elements needed for hair, nails and skin which will lead to healthier, thicker hair. Clients have been more than complimentary of Dr. Lawrence Jaeger’s contributions to the healthcare field and he hopes that those plagued by debilitating medical issues will be able to enjoy better and happier lives thanks to MotherNature MD.

Lawrence Jaeger is a member of the following organizations:
American Osteopathic Association
American Osteopathic College of Dermatology
American Medical Association
American Phlebotomy Association
Internal Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons